Summer School Westbourne

School Life

Nurturing curiosity, daily.

Students report that life at Westbourne is busy, rewarding and happy. Our small, close-knit school community is a hive of activity, ideas and inspiration, and students are encouraged to take a leading role in events and activities across the school. If there is something you want to do, we help you do it!

With a focus on academic excellence and innovative thinking, life at Westbourne is also fun, with myriad opportunities to join new clubs, learn new skills, take part in volunteering and fundraising, spearhead new societies, and join educational trips across the UK and globally, including to our sister IB Colleges in Sydney and soon to include Singapore.

Our small size means that students foster close friendships across year groups, which is rare at larger institutions, helping to create a friendly, open and welcoming environment where every voice is heard and every personality is valued.