Super Curriculum

Be Curious

We encourage our students to think broadly, to ask big questions, and to be curious, energetic learners. They are supported from an early age to think beyond the confines of a set curriculum.

Westbourne students quickly develop into well-rounded individuals with a thirst for knowledge. As well as running a MAT (More Able & Talented) group to nurture our most academically talented pupils, we offer regular opportunities to grow and learn at a higher level through participating in nationwide academic competitions.

The skills and confidence that develop in students as a result of immersing themselves in our challenging supercurriculum supports them to achieve their very best. Not only are they recognised for their academic ability on a national, and even global level, they also gain an unmatched sense of personal achievement.


‘Summer@INSEAD really helped me with my university application and it supported a new perspective of what I would like to achieve in the future.’ Kinga, Westbourne graduate & Imperial College undergraduate

INSEAD: a launchpad to the world

The prestigious Summer@ INSEAD programme presents a unique opportunity for our IB1 students to widen and enhance their academic pursuits, as well as to meet other students from across the world who share similar aspirations and abilities. The values and culture of the Summer@ INSEAD programme complement Westbourne’s ambition to develop well-rounded, articulate, globally aware young people who are confident to tackle the ever-evolving demands of the working world.

Featuring a world-class academic curriculum, company visits, talks with business leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as numerous cultural, team building and social activities, Summer@ INSEAD provides students with a unique and transformative experience. More than just an incremental gain in factual business knowledge, the programme is designed to give participants the opportunity to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills while enhancing their confidence and ability to work across cultures.

Excelling in national competitions

Olympiads and competitions include the prestigious British Maths Olympiad, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, UK Chemistry Olympiad run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Model United Nations, to name a few.

Taking to the stage in the highest level national competitions, competing against the country’s brightest young minds, nurtures confident, assured students who have the self-belief and the experience to make a positive impact both at school and later on at university.

Our super curriculum helps students to find and hone their passions and knowledge of a specialist subject on a much deeper level. For those in their final IB Diploma years, it is an important feature of the university preparation programme, supporting top university entry.