University Preparation

Pathway to success

With a long term average of 90% of graduates achieving Russell Group, or international equivalent places, Westbourne is well versed in preparing students for university admission success, both in the UK and internationally.

We understand that deciding what to do post-18 can be a daunting prospect. We also understand that some people have very clear and determined ambitions and we aim to provide whatever advice, help and support each individual student needs to define and achieve their ambitions.

The future-focused approach starts from the moment a student joins Westbourne, combining in-person advice and mentoring with a specialist online careers portal empowering students to explore the myriad opportunities before them. Students are encouraged and guided to start thinking about their future careers from early on in the Senior School.

We encourage and support students in gaining work experience in relevant fields to assist their applications and to test their commitment and preconceptions about potential employment plans.

"Westbourne has helped me greatly in the university application process, from advice on my personal statement, my reference for UCAS and even helping me narrow down my choices to the top four universities." Head Boy, Kristo

Hear from our IB graduates


The IB Advantage

Fortunately, we know that the IB can be a great asset to an application, with 97% of University Admissions Officers rating the IB Diploma as the best possible way to prepare for university. The programme, fully allowing students to show a wealth of experience and maturity that has not been demanded of others following more mainstream courses.

Throughout the IB Diploma Programme students learn how to write research essays, become skilled at time management, engage in leadership development through the CAS programme and hone their critical thinking skills via TOK.

As well as frequent in-house speakers, external links with INSEAD, Cardiff Business Club and Cardiff University provide our sixth form students with plentiful opportunities to attend lectures in a broad range of topics, further exploring areas of interest and deepening subject knowledge related to both their Diploma and studies beyond.